The role of the Chair is to coordinate and ensure the smooth running of the session. The Chair:

  • should be in the lecture room 15 minutes before the beginning of the session;
  • contacts the speakers before the session, to verify who will present and to preempt any technical problems;
  • reminds the speaker that each session lasts 90 minutes, with 22 minutes alloted to each presentation including questions;
  • introduces the speaker and the title of each presentation as laptops WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in conference rooms, speakers are asked to bring their own laptop computers and make their laptop available for other speakers with the help of the session chair;
  • should take care of the laptop on which the presentations will be uploaded: a laptop of a speaker in the session, or of himself/herself (or, otherwise, of the organizers via the student volunteer assisting the session);
  • ensures that presentations are made in the order shown in the program, to allow participants to switch between sessions. If a speaker cancels or does not attend, the original time schedule should be adhered to rather than sliding every talk forward;
  • completes the session attendance form (forms will be in the room);
  • when appropriate, produces visual warnings to the speaker on how many minutes (e.g., 5, 2) are left, using simple gestures or prepared cards;
  • manages the questions of the audience, asks questions him/herself and thanks the speakers.


We ask Session Chairs to notify last minute changes or cancellations at the registration desk; these changes will be posted outside the meeting rooms.



Audio-Visual services

Generally, laptops WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE in conference rooms. Speakers should bring their own laptop computers and make their laptop available for other speakers with the help of the session chair.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful presentation:

  • Bring your presentation on a USB data stick (USB pen).
  • Arrive at your session at least 15 minutes before it begins. All presenters in a session should set up and test the connection to the projector before the session begins.
  • You may need an adaptor to connect your computer to the local voltage (220) and wall plug type.
  • If your laptop is a Mac, bring the required adapter for the external video output.

Speaker information:

The location of your session is shown in the Abstracts section of the Conference Programme book and in the Pocket Programme. Please be on time for your session, check in with the session chair, and test the A/V equipment.

Time your presentation to fit the allotted time (22 minutes for each of 4 speakers) including time for questions and audience participation. Presentations should be limited to key issues with a brief summary. Feel free to bring along copies of your paper to distribute or to provide a handout with related information.

No proceedings with complete papers are produced for this meeting. To obtain complete copies of any papers abstracted in the program, please contact the authors directly at the address supplied with each abstract. At the conference homepage please also find to which special issues of premium journals are invited to submit.


For assistance during your session:

One session assistant (student volunteer) will be available at each room. If you have problems in your session room related to AV needs, if you have any other requests, address them to a student volunteer in the area to ask for assistance.