Moving in the city

Public Transportation

Numerous bus lines connect all areas of the city. The underground has three lines, Linea A, Linea B and Linea B1.
The three lines intersect at Termini Railway station. The cost of the surface and underground transportation is the same. Tickets of different time limit and itinerary are available at ATAC counters, news-stands, tobacconists and automatic ticket dispensers, but not in buses. All tickets must be validated at the beginning of the first trip either at underground station or on buses.

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ROMA PASS card, the capital’s first cultural tourist card, costs € 30.00 and entitles holders to free admission to the first two museums and/or archaeological sites visited, full access to the public transport system, reduced tickets and discounts for any other additional museums and sites visited, as well as exhibitions, music events, theatrical and dance performances and all other tourist services.
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Licensed taxis are white and can be recognized by the sign “TAXI” on the roof and by the identifying licence number on the doors. Do not take any car that is not an authorized Rome city taxi or trust people who approach you offering private taxi service. In the city centre there are a number of ranks where taxis may be picked up. Taxis may also be hailed in the street by signalling the driver or ordered by calling one of the taxi call centres, which will send you a vehicle.
For reservation call: 063570, 066645, 064994, 0688122, 064157, 065551