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» Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Systems
» Computing
» Continuous Optimization
» Control Theory & System Dynamics
» Data Science, Business Analytics, Data Mining
» Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems, DEA and Performance Measurement
» Discrete Optimization, Geometry & Graphs
» Emerging Applications of OR
» Energy / Environment and Climate
» Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Managerial Accounting
» Game Theory, Mathematical Economics
» Location, Logistics, Transportation
» Metaheuristics
» Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization
» OR Education, History, Ethics
» OR for Developing Countries, Humanitarian Applications
» OR in Health, Life Sciences & Sports
» OR in Industry and Software for OR
» OR in Natural Resources
» Production Management & Supply Chain Management
» Revenue Management
» Scheduling, Time Tabling & Project Management
» Service Systems
» Simulation, Stochastic Programming and Modeling
» Soft OR and Problem Structuring Methods
» Telecommunication, Networks and Social Networks


Artificial Intelligence, Fuzzy Systems

Fuzzy Decision Support Systems, Soft Computing, Neural Network Heinrich Rommelfanger
Fuzzy Optimization – Systems, Networks and Applications Erik Kropat
Silja Meyer-Nieberg


OR and Scientific Computing Bülent Karasözen
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Continuous Optimization

Mathematical Programming Florian Potra
Goran Lesaja
Sandor Zoltan Nemeth
Tamás Terlaky
Juan José Salazar
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Nonlinear Programming Simone Göttlich
Edite M.G.P. Fernandes
Ana Maria Alves Coutinho Rocha
Semi-Infinite and Infinite Optimization Tatiana Tchemisova
Olga Kostyukova
Jan-J. Rückmann
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Nonsmooth Optimization Adil Bagirov
Antonio Fuduli
Alberto Ferrer
Vector and Set-Valued Optimization Vicente Novo
Bienvenido Jimenez
Cesar Gutierrez
Generalized Differentiation and Optimization Alexander Kruger
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Variational Inequalities and Bi-Level Problems Oleg Khamisov
Nonconvex Programming: Local and Global Approaches Pham Dinh Tao
Le Thi Hoai An
Convex Optimization Marc Teboulle
Amir Beck
Attila Gilanyi
Global Optimization Janos D. Pinter
Herman Mawengkang
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Copositive and Polynomial Optimization Immanuel Bomze
Miguel F. Anjos

Control Theory & System Dynamics

Optimal Control Gernot Tragler
Ekaterina Kostina
Erik Kropat
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Continuous and Discontinuous Dynamical Systems Duygu Aruğaslan Çinçin
Mevlude Yakıt Ongun
System Dynamics Modeling and Simulation Markus Schwaninger
Markus Schwenke
Dynamic Programming Lidija Zadnik-Stirn
Sustainable Development Modeling with System Dynamics Pierre Kunsch
Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Modeling in OR Selma Belen
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Özlem Defterli
Discrete Optimal Control Dimitrii Lozovanu
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Katsunori Ano
Masayuki Horiguchi
Recent Advances in Dynamics of Variational Inequalities and Equilibrum Problems Monica-Gabriela Cojocaru
Patrizia Daniele

Data Science, Business Analytics, Data Mining

Computational Statistics Vilda Purutcuoglu Gazi
Pakize Taylan
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Optimization and Data Mining Emilio Carrizosa
Theodore Trafalis
Renato De Leone
Information and Intelligent Systems Zuzka Oplatkova
Özlem Defterli
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Katsunori Ano
Machine Learning and Its Applications Vadim Strijov
Süreyya Özöğür-Akyüz
Business Analytics and Intelligent Optimization Richard Weber
Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Cem Iyigün
Data Mining in Early Warning Systems Inci Batmaz
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Elcin Kartal
Forecasting Sven Crone
Robert Fildes
Fotios Petropoulos
António José Lopes Rodrigues
Agent-Based Modeling Massimo Genoese
Data Mining and Decision Making Lai-Soon Lee
Seow Hsin Vonn
Big Data and Business Analytics in Sports Management Harry Groenevelt
Knowledge, Knowledge Management and Organizations A.D. Amar

Decision Analysis, Decision Support Systems, DEA and Performance Measurement

DEA and Performance Measurement Dimitris K. Despotis
Meryem Duygun Fethi
Ana Camanho
Vania Sena
Simulation Based Decision Support Viveca Asproth
Mirjana Kljajic Borstnar
Decision Support Systems Pascale Zarate
Fatima Dargam
Rita Ribeiro
Boris Delibasic
Jorge Hernandez
Shaofeng Liu
Policy Analytics Alexis Tsoukias
Decision Making under Uncertainty and Environmental Applications Jerzy Filar
Julia Piantadosi
Social Choice Theory and Applications Fuad Aleskerov
Decision Processes Ahti Salo
Alec Morton
Jeff Keisler

Discrete Optimization, Geometry & Graphs

Discrete and Global Optimization Xiaoling Sun
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Combinatorial Optimization Silvano Martello
Paolo Toth
Geometric Clustering Andreas Brieden
Peter Gritzmann
Steffen Borgwardt
Graph Searching Boting Yang
Nancy Clarke
Graphs and Networks Dominique de Werra
Boolean and Pseudo-Boolean Optimization Endre Boros

Emerging Applications of OR

Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Programming Armin Fügenschuh
Claudia D’Ambrosio
Sonia Cafieri
Dynamic Optimization Patrick Siarry
Defence and Security Ana Isabel Barros
OR in Quality Management Ipek Deveci Kocabas
Gülser Köksal
Gül E. Okudan Kremer
OR: Visualization and Arts Vitaly Podobedov
Recent Advances in Earthquake Studies and Geoscience Applications Aysegul Askan
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Emerging Applications in Portfolio Selection and Management Science Norbert Trautmann
Optimization and Natural Sciences Tatiana Tchemisova
Aleksander Plakhov
Emerging Applications of Fat Tail Models in Financial Modeling and Engineering Audrius Kabasinskas
Combinatorial Optimization in Ergonomics Serap Ulusam Seckiner
Algorithm and Computational Design Basak Akteke OzturkHaldun Sural
OR in Thermal Engineering Volodya Voloshchuk
Game Theory and Experimental Design Stefan W. Pickl
Operational Research and Control Problems Dmitry Novikov
Boris Polyak
Alexander A. Lazarev
Mikhail Goubko
Recent Advances in Modeling and Decision Making for Emergency Responses Radovan Stojanovic
Andrej Skraba
Emerging Applications in Game Theory and Management Vladimir Malazov
Leon A. Petrosyan
Nikolay Zenkevich
Emerging Applications of Finance in Economics and Environment Kasırga Yıldırak
Ömer Kayhan Seyhun
Humanitarian Operations Research Erik Kropat
Silja Meyer-Nieberg
OR and Advances in High Technology Dmitrii V. Ivanov
OR and Maritime Studies Daniel Ng

Energy / Environment and Climate

Energy, Environment and Climate Jakub Marecek
Environmental Issues in Operations Management Grit Walther
OR and Climate Change Costas Pappis
Long Term Planning in Energy, Environment and Climate Nadia Maïzi
Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Environmental Management Vadim Strijov
Biomass-based Supply Chains Magnus Fröhling
Taraneh Sowlati
Energy Economics Mette Bjørndal
Sustainable Energy Studies Asgeir Tomasgard
Stochastic Modeling in Energy Planning Boris Defourny

Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Managerial Accounting

Financial Optimization Duan Li
Nan Chen
Fabio Tardella
Derivative Pricing Renato De Leone
Numerical Methods in Finance Ömür Uğur
Financial and Commodities Modeling Rita L. D’Ecclesia
Ronald Hochreiter
Yeliz Yolcu Okur
Long Term Financial Decisions Thomas Burkhardt
Life Insurance, Risk Management & OR Erengül Özkök
Financial Mathematics and OR Mustafa Pınar
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Sevtap Kestel
Katsunori Ano
Operational Research and Quantitative Models in Banking Constantin Zopounidis
Decision Making Modeling and Risk Assessment in the Financial Sector Cristinca Fulga
Actuarial Sciences and Stochastic Calculus Ricardo Josa-Fombellida
Juan Pablo Rincon-Zapatero
Data Mining in the Financial Sector Vadim Strijov
Simulation Methods in Finance Aysegul Iscanoglu Cekic
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Operational Research in Financial and Management Accounting Matthias Amen
Simulation in Management Accounting and Management Control Friederike Wall
Stephan Leitner
Optimization under Uncertainty Gautam Mitra
Christian Valente

Game Theory, Mathematical Economics

Experimental Economics and Game Theory Ulrike Leopold-Wildburger
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Mathematical Models in Macro-and Microeconomics Ludmilla Koshlai
Alexander Vasin
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Dynamical Systems and Game Theory Alberto Pinto
Cooperative Game Theory Mariana Rodica Branzei
S. Zeynep Alparslan-Gök
Game Theory and Combinatorial Optimization Bo Chen
Steve Alpern
Mathematical Methods for Decision Support in Energy and Industrial Sectors Adriana Gnudi
Elisabetta AlleviIgor Konnov
Game-theoretical Models in Operations Research Mª Gloria Fiestras-Janeiro
Ana Meca
Greys Sosic
Game Theory and Social Networks Juan Tejada
Game Theory, Solutions and Structures Encarnación Algaba
Mathematical Economics Roman Polyak
Game Theoretical Network Models Roman Polyak

Location, Logistics, Transportation

Location Analysis Sibel Alumur
Ioannis Giannikos
Mercedes Landete
Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama
Alfredo Marín
Stefan Nickel
Hub Location Sibel Alumur
James Campbell
Ivan Contreras
Traffic Maurizio Bielli
Transportation and Logistics M. Grazia Speranza
Daniele Vigo
Maritime Transportation Marielle Christiansen
Henrik Andersson
Facility Logistics John Bartholdi
Container Terminal Operations Ceyda Oguz
Christian Bierwirth
Frank Meisel
Ali Diabat
Transportation Planning Herbert Kopfer
Frank Schultmann
Jörn Schönberger
Optimization in Public Transport Leo Kroon
Anita Schöbel
Business Excellence in Logistics Martin Geiger
Arc Routing Angel Corberan
Stefan Irnich
Sustainable Transport Planning Bülent Çatay
Richard Eglese
Routing Problems Giovanni Righini
Alberto Ceselli
Vehicle Routing and Scheduling with Environmental Considerations Konstantinos G. Zografos


Metaheuristics Kenneth Sorensen
Marc Sevaux
Andreas Reinholz
Global Optimization Heuristics for OR Problems Joerg Laessig
Variable Neighborhood Search Nenad Mladenovic
Matheuristics Vittorio Maniezzo
Stefan Voss
Hybridisation of Heuristic for Global Optimisation Said Salhi

Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization

Multi-Objective Optimization José Rui Figueira
Emilio Carrizosa
Multicriteria Decision Making José Rui Figueira
Margaret Wiecek
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Analytic Hierarchy Processes, Analytic Network Processes Josef Jablonsky
Y. Ilker Topcu
Chi-Cheng Huang
Preference Learning Roman Slowinski
Krzysztof Dembczynski
Willem Waegeman
Innovative Software Tools for MCDA Vincent Mousseau
Vector- and Setvalued Optimization and Applications Christiane Tammer
Andreas Löhne

OR Education, History, Ethics

OR and Ethics Cristobal Miralles
Fred Wenstøp
Applications of Operations Research in Education Seren Başaran
Initiatives for OR Education Alexis Pasichny
Kate Pereverza
Dmytro Fishman
Olga Nazarenko
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Teaching OR/MS Maria Antónia Carravilla

OR for Developing Countries, Humanitarian Applications

OR for Development and Developing Countries Elise del Rosario
Honora Smith
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Subhash Datta
Alexander Makarenko
Youssef Masmoudi
Leroy White
Education, and Social Policy Hanife Akar
OR for Sustainable Development Leonidas Sakalauskas
Tatjana Vilutiene
Vida Maliene
Sustainable Living: Cognitive, Social, Economical, Ecological and World View Claudia Rave
Pedamallu Chandra Sekhar
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Optimization for Sustainable Development Herman Mawengkang
Azizah hanim Nasution
Ali Diabat
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber
Sadia Samar Ali
Stream of INFORMS Society for Public Programs, Service and Needs Burcu Balcik

OR in Health, Life Sciences & Sports

Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine Jacek Blazewicz
Metin Türkay
Giovanni Felici
Methodology of Societal Complexity Dorien J. DeTombe
Health Care Management Teresa Melo
Stefan Nickel
Marion Rauner
Vedat Verter
Humanitarian Logistics Serhan Duran
Occupational Health & Wellbeing Elena Andreeva
Medical Decision Making Vera Tilson
Patients Flows Models and Optimization Retsev Levi
OR in Sports Joel Lee Oberstone
Dirk Briskorn
Health Care Applications Christos Vasilakis

OR in Industry and Software for OR

Operations/Marketing Interface Kathryn E. Stecke
Xuying Zhao
Software for OR/MS Robert Fourer
Bjarni Kristjansson
Engineering Optimization Wolfgang Achtziger
IBM Research Applications Eleni Pratsini
OR Applications in Industry Geir Hasle
Oleg Gusikhin
OR and Real Implementations Benjamin Lev
Belarmino Adenso-Diaz Fernandez
New Frontiers for Little’s Law John D C Little

OR in Natural Resources

OR in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Lluis Miquel Pla Aragones
Victor Albornoz
OR in the Oil and Gas Sectors Vadim Strijov
OR in Water Management Halil Önder
Elcin Kentel

Production Management & Supply Chain Management

Cutting and Packing José F. Oliveira
A. Miguel Gomes
Supply Chain Planning Moritz Fleischmann
Herbert Meyr
Lot-Sizing and Related Topics Christian Almeder
Bernardo Almada-Lobo
Alistair Clark
Manufacturing and Warehousing Martin Grunow
Supply Chain Optimization Dolores Romero-Morales
Dmitry Ivanov
Joern Meissner
Demand and Supply in Consumer Goods and Retailing Rob Broekmeulen
Alexander H. Hübner
Heinrich Kuhn
Winfried Steiner
OR Applications in the Automotive Industry Thomas Stefan Spengler
Thomas Volling
Supply Chains Steef Van de Velde
Production and the Link with Supply Chains Lionel Amodeo
Farouk Yalaoui
INFORMS MSOM Stream Victor Martinez de Albeniz
MSOM iFORM Special Interest Group Stream Alejandro Serrano
Supply Chain Risk Management Cağrı Haksöz

Revenue Management

Advanced Inventory Control and Pricing Strategies Alf Kimms
Robert Klein
Revenue Management Yuri Levin
Tatsiana Levina
Christiane Barz
Ayşe Kocabıyıkoğlu
Discrete Choice Models: Estimation and Assortment Optimization Guillermo Gallego

Scheduling, Time Tabling & Project Management

Scheduling Erwin Pesch
Vitaly Strusevich
Alessandro Agnetis
Nicholas G. Hall
Dirk Briskorn
Realistic Production Scheduling Ruben Ruiz
Timetabling and Rostering Dario Landa-Silva
Nysret Musliu
Tim Curtois
Scheduling under Resource Constraints Joanna Jozefowska
Jan Weglarz
Project Management and Scheduling Nicholas G. Hall
Rainer Kolisch

Service Systems

MSOM Service Management SIG Stream Moshe Haviv

Simulation, Stochastic Programming and Modeling


Stochastic Programming Georg Pflug
Abdel Lisser
Giorgio Consigli
Enza Messina
Stochastic Modeling / Applied Probability A. Devin Sezer
Stochastic Models in Reliability and Risk Serkan Eryilmaz
Stochastic Modeling and Simulation in Engineering, Management and Science Erik Kropat
Basak Tanyeri
Zeev Volkovich
Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Soft OR and Problem Structuring Methods

Soft OR / Systems and Multimethodology John Mingers

Telecommunication, Networks and Social Networks

Telecommunications and Network Optimization Bernard Fortz
Luis Eduardo Neves Gouveia
Walid Ben-Ameur
Telecommunication, Networks, and Social Networks Pedro Ferreira
Risk Management in Online Social Networks Joerg Fliege


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